How does the game work? Box

You play Home Adventure System with a minimum of three players and a maximum of five, each have a different role; The main player, a game master, and enemies.
The game master leads the game , the main player plays the game and the enemies try to make this difficult for them.

Cast Amount of players
Gamemaster 1
Main player Min. 1, max. 2
Enemies Min. 1, max. 3

The goal of the game for the main player is to reach the treasure, or the final goal the other players have  thought up.

The goal player rope

This goal is reached  by following a planned out route through the house. Throughout this route, the player will face obstacles, closed doors and enemies. To face these challenges, the player will find various items that help during the adventure. For example, doors can be opened by finding a key, pulling a switch or finding a puzzle with an access code to decipher. Enemies must be overcome to proceed in the game as well.
The game is over when the goal is reached. The duration of one game is mostly 30 minutes.


How the game is played is different each time and there is a lot of room for creativity. The game master and the enemy players plan the route through the house. They plan the locations of the goal and other items, which rooms are accesible and how they can be opened by stragetically placing switches, puzzles and keys throughout the route. Of course the main player is not present during the planning phase. The planning and set up of a route will take around 30 minutes.


In order to make the game exciting, it’s also planned where the enemies are located in the house, what weapons they carry and how they can be defeated. Usually this is a firefight done with foam projectile toy guns. But you can be as creative as you like with this. Think of foam swords or other mock battle tactics. When an enemy is defeated, they leave the play field to relocate, returning as enemies in new rooms. Depending on the number of enemies and their difficulty, ammo and medkits are spread out along the route. During a longer game it’s also possible to make a weapon upgrade available.

So let your imagination run wild, get creative and experience a video game with your friends in your own house!

Main player Main player

The main player is carrying a smartphone with a special Home Adventure System app. This shows his healthbar and is controlled by the gamemaster during the game. By wearing headphones and listening to an adventerous soundtrack, the main player is immersed into the experience.

Also essential for the main player is the “inventory belt”, where the gun is stored along with all the items the player collects throughout the game.

The Gamemaster

The gamemaster leads the game. Using a bluetooth remote control they can directly influence the Home Adventure System app to adjust the healthbar when the player is battling enemies or taking damage in any way. The gamemaster also makes sure the rules of the game are followed, and steps in if the player gets stuck.


Enemies can take on different shapes. It can be a regular enemy with a gun or sword, or it can be an enemy that only attacks when it sees the player or when a certain event is triggered. The enemy players can also function as a static obstacle that must be overcome. Like a timed door or a blade in the wall.


The App

The app will be available for android and iphone. It shows a healthbar and the time the player has to finish the game. It communicates through bluetooth with a bluetooth remote. The gamemaster controls this remote by pressing ‘-’ for damage and ‘+’ for using a medipack. The app also has some exciting background music so the mainplayer will easely get into the mood. The player will hear a sound and feels a vibration when he gets hit. All settings are ajustable, so you can make the game harder or easier for the player.

What happens when the player dies?

There are three savepoints in the game. Each point needs to get touched before it is available. When the player dies, he has to go back to the last savepoint he touched. All enemies need to return to their places too. The health and time will be reset to the half.

What’s in the box? spullendoos2

  • - Rules of play
  • - App (online)
  • - Music (Online)
  • - Remote
  • - Postits
  • - 3 medipacks
  • - 5 packs of ammo (most normal toygun ammo)
  • - Big button
  • - 2 keys and locks
  • - Blacklight pen
  • - 1 codelock

What do you need to play the game what’s not in the box?

  • - A house with atleast 4 doors and rooms. (a toilet or closet will also work!)
  • - Toy guns with foam projectiles, one for the main player and (optional) two for the enemies.
  • - Smartphone (optional. if you don’t have one, a mp3 player will also work.)
  • - Headphones